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Statement by site administration: circassianlcenter.org

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Statement by site administration: circassianlcenter.org

Site administration places on its pages only  Circassian and Georgian issues: the history of the Circassian people, cultural issues, Georgian-Circassian relations in all directions  of the history as well as current situation. Our website is not interested in political issues, though it reviewed and reviews  the problems of the Circassian genocide, as the Circassian genocide  conducted  by the Russian Empire in 1763-1907 unfortunately, is an integral part of the Circassian mentality as  Circassians suffered and experienced all the pains and horror of this genocide.
Circassian genocide is  attested  not only in archival materials, but also in the information of the official historian of the Russian Empire and  confirmed in  the conclusions of the historian Adolf Berzhe. All issues on  the Circassian genocide have been investigated in detail by the world-wide specialists-experts. The followings should be named: Peter Brock, “The Fall of Circassia : A Study in Private Diplomacy”. The English Historical Review, vol. 71, No. 280 (Jul., 1956), pp. 401-427; Charles Webster, “Urquhart, Ponsonby, and Palmerston”, The English Historical Review, vol. 62, No. 244 (Jul., 1947), pp. 327-351; “The circassian - A Forgotten Genocide?”  By Stephen D. Shenfield,  1999; article from «Studies on War and Genocide», vol. 1, in the series «War and Genocide», Oxford and New York: Berghahn Books Antero Leitzinger, “The Circassian Genocide” ,  "Turkistan News" (The Eurasian Politician - Issue 2, October 2000); “ The Darkside of Democracy: Explaining Ethnic Cleansing” , by Michael Mann. CUP, 2005 str.98-100. There is a huge bank  of archival material of the   Russian Empire on this issue, kept  in the State Archives of Georgia.
 In conclusion, which formed the basis of recognition of the Circassian genocide by the Georgian Parliament in 2011 on May 20 -  Georgian  expert historians  noted that the history of mankind knew not one example of genocide of the last period: in
Bosnia, in Chechnya, in Rwanda ... but the Circassian genocide was unique in itself, because, unlike the others, Circassians, together with 2/3 of the population has  lost their statehood and, most importantly, their homeland. Thus, the Circassians were scattered in more than 50 countries around the world and they deserve the status of a refugee-in  exile.
As for the problem of the Armenian genocide, the administration and stuff of our site are  incompetent in this matter, especially since they do not possess the materials relating to the Armenian genocide, which would be witnessed in the works of  the world-wide historians, experts. In addition, the issue of the Armenian genocide involve  the interests of a few countries, including Turkey. There is an interesting trend that this year for the first time in the history of the Turkish state - April 23, head of Turkey expressed his condolences to the descendants of the victims of genocide in the statement that was made on the eve of the Day of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide victims. Speaking at a meeting of parliament, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said: "With hope and belief that the ancient peoples who had  similar customs and traditions and belong  to the same complex, but unique geography,  can remember their past and the losses in a  dignified way together. We wish that the souls of the Armenians who died in the events in the early twentieth century, rest in peace. We express condolences to  their grandchildren”.

We believe that consideration of the question of the Armenian genocide would cost to investigate, starting from the context that is adequate in relation to the tragic pages in the history of the brotherly Armenian people  who are close to us by culture, history and so on.  Based on the foregoing, Circassian Cultural Centre   and its website do not see the possibility of publishing and spreading such sensitive issue, without no comprehensive examination and investigation  of materials, including the Turkish documents.


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